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Natalie Green, NTP

More about my story 

Welcome, I'm Natalie!


While health has always been a passion of mine, my best health didn't always come as easy as I had hoped. Through what seemed like a roller coaster health journey, I have become passionate about leading people to find their best version of themselves. Discovering what worked for me through a holistic approach completely changed my life. My mission is to do the same for others. For those who are struggling with their health, I can relate to you completely. 


For as long as I can remember, I had followed mainstream health trends that seemed to work for everyone. Juice cleanses, detoxifying teas, fasting, intense exercise, low calorie… you name it. I didn't think there might be a connection between my diet/lifestyle habits and the symptoms that kept coming up. Bloating, energy crashes, anxiety, troubled digestion, PMS, and acne were some of the most apparent symptoms that I couldn't get a grasp on solving.

It was several years of accepting these symptoms as my fate before I realized the answer was with me the whole time.


I found that when I began to see my symptoms as communication from my body and adequately nourished myself, I could get to the root of everything I was experiencing.


I then began to work on regaining my health through several changes to my diet and lifestyle. While feeling satisfied with my health has been a humbling experience, I found incredible fascination with a holistic approach. I aim to help others solve their health mysteries without the stress of doing it alone. 


Sometimes, a health journey can feel like a complicated process. I know how frustrating it can be to feel lost.


I aim to empower individuals toward their goals, create better relationships with their bodies, and find lasting changes to meet their best selves. 

I am so happy you're here!

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