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Tips For An Easier Meal Prep

A few small preps for the week make all the difference. Meal prepping can be incredibly helpful for a variety of reasons, ranging from saving time and money to promoting healthier eating habits and reducing stress.

I dont always meal prep, but when I do I feel so kickass! Use these tips to help you feel less overwhelmed and make prepping easier.

Set aside 15 minutes to plan:

Decide what meals you want to prepare for the upcoming days. Usually I make a list for about 3-4 days. I que the Pinterest feed and write down a couple of simple ideas to pack onto my grocery list. Having a general plan makes it SO much easier when you’re at the grocery store. If you take just a few minutes out of your day you will feel much more organized and less overwhelmed about prepping.

Double the veggies when cooking:

When you cook, make double the amount of veggies you would normally make. Store them in the fridge to quickly add to meals throughout the week. This makes it helpful to get in essential nutrients your body needs daily. All you have to do is heat them up and add to your plate!

Opt for frozen fruit and veg when time is limited:

I have a love for keeping things incredibly simple, especially during times of stress. Typically when shopping, I’ll add a frozen vegetable mix or fruit to my cart. When I feel like time is limited, I’ll use frozen instead of fresh.

Cook in bulk:

It goes without saying that cooking in bulk is a huge part of meal prepping. Just like doubling your veggies, prepare larger quantities of food like protein and grains. Protein and grains are going to keep you satiated longer. Have them on hand in containers to use for lunches or snacks.

Pre-cut veggies and fruits:

Another useful tool to make your life a little easier is to pre-cut what you can! This is as simple as it sounds: clean your vegetables and fruit, cut them, place them in a container in the fridge. This will save you just a little more time when you cook.

Use a slow cooker or instant pot for less effort:

I love a good one pot meal, and the slow cooker or instant pot is one of the best ways to get one with less overwhelm. Use the slow cooker and have a meal by the time you get home. When pressed for time, the instant pot has so many simple recipes that are done in no time.

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Jodie Todd
Jodie Todd

Great tips Nat!! I love a good crock pot "set it and forget it" meal! I'd love to see your favorite crock pot meal 😚

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