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Work With Me

You deserve to feel good. 

As your nutritional therapy practitioner, I take a bio-individual approach to meet your unique health goals. Through detailed questionnaires, in-depth analysis, and one-on-one sessions, we get to the root cause of your symptoms rather than taking a quick-fix band-aid approach. I work with you to address health concerns, formulate sustainable goals and support you through every step. 


If you are looking to...

  • Find a holistic approach to health 

  • Create long-term health changes 

  • Understand your symptoms at their core 

  • Increase energy and mood 

  • Optimize nutrition and overall health

  • Find a better balance with your health 

  • Create a better relationship with your body 

I can support you. 


1:1 Coaching Services: 3 month offer

One-on-one support is an excellent start for those ready to begin their health journey through nutrition, lifestyle, and proper supplementation. We work together for three months and create a customized protocol based on your health goals. 

Included in 1:1 coaching:

  • One 90 Minute Initial Consultation Call 

  • Five 45-60 Minute Follow-up Calls

  • Full Health History Review 

  • Nutritional Analysis Questionnaire Evaluation 

  • Food and Mood Journal Analysis 

  • Personalized Protocol for Nutrition, Lifestyle, and Supplements

  • Free Resources (shopping lists, educational tips, recipes)

  • Unlimited Text/Email Support 

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