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Herbs for Your Cycle

If you struggle with different types of cycle symptoms like PMS, herbs can quickly become your companion. They hold amazing properties to support your body throughout all stages of your life.

In my practice, I see symptoms as a form of communication from your body. PMS is one of them. While symptoms like cramps, irritability, and exhaustion are prevalent for women, they aren't normal. (and shouldn't be! You deserve to feel good throughout your cycle.) Often it is a sign from your body that you need more support. So in comes herbs for the ladies!

Herbs have been used to treat health conditions for thousands of years. There are several herbs that I have used while balancing my hormones. I utilize them throughout my cycle, but usually daily, depending on how I feel. Below are common herbs you can find at your local health store. They are each gentle on your body and suitable to use as needed for your cycle or everyday health!

Raspberry leaf: Contains different vitamins and minerals that support the cycle and find relief of menstrual cramps and pain.

When To Use: Throughout the second half of your cycle or as preferred

Nettle: Mild herb protective of the urinary and kidneys. High in vitamins and minerals that keep strong bones. Bonus: nettle tea is also beneficial for finding relief from allergy symptoms.

When To Use: Throughout your cycle

Lady's mantle: Strengthens uterine lining, promotes blood circulation, and helps relieve cramps.

When To Use: Days leading up to your period and/on the beginning of the period

Chamomile: Beneficial for menstrual pain and sleep issues and promotes skin health.

When To Use: Throughout cycle

Dandelion: Supports the function of the liver, which plays a role in the health of your hormones. Shows a positive effect on estrogen detoxification.

When To Use: Throughout the second half of your cycle or as preferred

Bonus Recipe: Dandelion Root Milk Tea

One of my favorite ways to use herbs is through tea. In my opinion, there's something special about a milk tea! Here is my go-to recipe for cycle and liver support:

1 cup of milk of your choice

½ TBSP honey or maple syrup

1 scoop collagen

½ cup roasted dandelion tea

Sprinkle cinnamon

½ TBSP bee pollen (optional)

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