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Naturally Nourished Business: The Five Pillars We Focus On

When you begin to focus on your health, there can be a lot of routes you can take. You can choose mainstream health trends like fasting, dieting, and juice cleansing or swap those to build a better relationship with your body and find exactly what it needs to thrive.

In my business, building a better relationship with your body is critical. I focus on five main areas to get you closer to your health goals. These include nutrition, digestion, movement, stress management, and self-care. Within these areas, we focus on improving the symptoms you feel and better balancing your health. I find these areas uniquely important to sustain optimal health long-term.

The Fab Five:

Nutrition: What you put or don't put in your body directly influences how you feel every day. Your body lives off of what you give it. How can we better support your body through food? Include properly prepared, nutrient-dense foods, and eat them often! Eating real foods that our body was designed to eat actively restores health.

Digestion: Digestion is crucial to our overall health and determines how we get the nutrients from our food. We can eat the most healing food, but it won't benefit us if we aren't digesting it properly. Digestive issues are prevalent, but they don't have to be! Together, we find exactly where your imbalances in digestion stem from and introduce sustainable support.

Movement: Any form of movement can have significant impacts on your health. It influences physical health, and moving your body benefits many body systems, from lymphatic and immune to how your blood sugar balances.

Stress management: Stress is likely a common denominator in many people's lives. Our day-to-day is a constant 'go go go' mentality, and if you aren't doing enough, that might stress you out too. Our bodies are designed to keep us alive. Internal and external stressors tell our bodies that we aren't safe, causing a cascade of health issues. Stress affects our hormones, digestion, cycles, sleep, and cravings. Without properly managing stress, our bodies stay in fight or flight mode. Stress management increases safety in the body and overall health, precisely what we focus on together.

Self Care: How often do you make time for yourself and rest? Self-care is an easy thing to put on the back burner, but truly one of the most fundamental principles to creating safety in your body and closer to reaching your health goals. In my practice, we find creative ways to introduce self-care in your day to create a stronger relationship with yourself.

There are many ways you can go about tackling your health. What other people do (extreme dieting, fasting, etc.) might not work for you. So, why waste your time when you can cater to your body's needs through a holistic approach? Finding fulfillment in what you do to reach your health goals is important. Starting with focusing on your unique self is the perfect first step to getting there.


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